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25 Apr

Naturalistic Sicily Tour: the Hypogeum of Calaforno and Santa Rosalia Lake

Our Naturalistic Sicily Tour develops among the Hyblaean mountains, in a typical landscape of this area of Sicily, characterized by the hills and valleys that break the plateau. We move through small villages rich in authentic and intact charm, with many small architectural treasures to be discovered, including the villages of Monterosso Almo (present in the club of towns in Italy) and Giarratana.

Hypogeum of Calafornonaturalistic Sicily tour

The main destination is the forest of Calaforno, wooded area established recently become today a nature reserve.
Just arrived we will descend on an easy path immersed in a wonderful forest consisting mainly of aleppo pine and plane trees. An old mill welcomes us giving us some examples of architecture of the past.

Here we find hidden one of the most important and fascinating prehistoric sites in Sicily, but little known. The Hypogeum of Calaforno is an artificial underground structure of prehistoric times (late Copper Age: 4000-3000 B.C.) unique in the Mediterranean archaeological landscape.

The Hypogeum consists of sequential and uneven development of 35 circular and sub-circular rooms with an average size of 2-3 meters that wind for more than 100 m. The access from room to room it occurs through a small opening. The discovery of some doors suggests a use for burial in prehistoric times; while in the greek period it might have taken more of a collective burial function, a city of the dead able to hold more than a thousand depositions.

So a destination it’s worth the visit. Also the surrounding area is prepared for use with tables and benches placed in a unique natural environment.

The ideal place to enjoy a nice picnic (with the awesome collaboration of the restaurant Le Due Palme).

Santa Rosalia Lake

naturalistic sicily tourThe tour continues and can end with a visit to the artificial lake of Santa Rosalia in a naturalistic context of great beauty with a very jagged shores within a wooded area that is the landscape in this destination. Nearby, we can conclude with a visit to the small medieval shrine dedicated to the noble holy maiden from Palermo, born in 1130 and died in 1166


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